There are many people to speak to regarding changing your contraception such as your mother, your friends, your partner or your doctor. There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the best method for you so don’t be embarrassed to talk about sex, contraception and what exactly you expect from it. It’s an important, normal part of life.

Your doctor or nurse

It’s important you are clued up on all of your choices, so take some time to visit your local GP or Sexual Health Clinic for free expert advice – they will help to find the best method to suit you and tell you everything you need to know.

Your partner

Talking through the options with your partner can help find something to suit you both, and ensure your sex life is stress free.

Your friends

Everyone has different experiences of sex and contraception, so why not chat to your close friends about your options – with 15 methods available, they might know about some that you don’t!

Your parents

If you find it easy to talk to your parents about sex, go for it. But remember that there are 15 methods of contraception available, and they might not know about them all!

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